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Discover Cape Town Real Estate: The Camps Bay Guy Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to the Camps Bay Guy Podcast, your ultimate source for everything property-related in Cape Town! Whether you're interested in interior design, Airbnb, property values, or market trends, this podcast is for you. In our inaugural episode, I share my personal journey from a small town in the Midlands to becoming a successful real estate agent in Cape Town.

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Episode 1: Welcome to The Camps Bay Guy PodcastJoshua Parosn

My Journey

I grew up in Hilton, attended a small junior school, and excelled in swimming and sports. My hard work earned me a scholarship to Hilton College, one of the best schools in South Africa. After high school, I took a gap year in the United States, gaining valuable life experiences while working and traveling. I then studied journalism at Rhodes University, where I honed my digital marketing and leadership skills.

Real Estate Career

Moving to Cape Town with my girlfriend, I initially worked in marketing for hotels, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced me to pivot. Inspired by young agents and my mother, who managed an Atlantic Seaboard office for a real estate company, I decided to venture into real estate. Using my social media skills, I started building the Camps Bay Guy brand.

Market Insights

In 2020, Cape Town saw 11,314 property sales with an average asking price of 2.85 million Rand. By 2022, sales nearly doubled, highlighting the dynamic nature of the market. However, with rising interest rates in 2023, sales slowed, affecting even the luxury market. Despite this, Cape Town remains a prime destination for property investments, especially for foreigners seeking a better lifestyle.

Development Trends

The City Center, Sea Point, and Green Point are seeing significant developments. Projects like the Harbour Arch and Station House are transforming these areas, offering high-end living options. With European economic challenges, many are relocating to Cape Town, further boosting the property market.

Ask the Agent

In our Q&A segment, we address how to stay motivated during tough times, strategies for finding clients, and tips for new agents. The key is perseverance, hard work, and effective marketing, particularly through social media and cold calling.


Join me every week for insights on Cape Town's real estate market, from buying tips to interior design trends. Don't forget to subscribe, share, and check out our sponsors: Homeloan Junction, Van Zyl Kruger Attorneys, and M2 Bio. Thanks for tuning in to the Camps Bay Guy Podcast—your guide to navigating Cape Town's vibrant property market.


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Embark on this journey with us and unlock the potential of Cape Town's real estate market. Stay tuned for more episodes packed with valuable insights and tips!


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