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Exciting News: Cape Town's Progress Update!

I am thrilled to bring you the latest news from Geordin Hill-Lewis Mayor of Cape Town, highlighting the remarkable progress and ambitious plans for our beloved city.

Powering Up Cape Town:

The Mayor has announced significant steps to address the persistent challenge of load shedding. Cape Town aims to become the first city to eliminate blackouts by adding 700 MW of independent power. The initiative includes a groundbreaking Cash for Power program, making it easier for residents and businesses to contribute to the city's energy needs while benefitting financially.

Solar Solutions for Everyone:

In the coming year, a fully automated system for solar installations will be rolled out, accompanied by a decrease in feed-in tariffs. This means you can sell excess electricity back to the city, covering a substantial portion of your municipal bill. The Mayor is committed to making sustainable energy more accessible, by reducing feed-in tariffs by half.

Safety and Unity:

Cape Town is investing heavily in public safety, with the addition of 280 new law enforcement officers and advancements in cutting-edge security technology. From CCTV cameras to drones, these measures aim to create a safer environment for all residents. The Mayor is also advocating for more policing powers to be delegated to the city, empowering local authorities to effectively combat crime.

Economic Growth and Job Opportunities:

One of the most uplifting aspects of the Mayor's latest address is the significant increase in employment opportunities. Cape Town has not only recovered all job losses from the Covid lockdowns but has surpassed previous employment records. The city is outpacing other South African cities in infrastructure spending, making it the ideal place for businesses to thrive.

Building a City of Hope:

Despite the achievements, the Mayor acknowledges that there's more work to be done. The focus remains on delivering essential services to vulnerable residents, ensuring Cape Town continues to grow as a city of hope for all.

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